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Alumni Success

Freda Lin

The Art Institute of Vancouver

Employer: Cushman & Wakefield
Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer

"The instructors are all currently in the industry; their feedback is a great aid with regards to the current market.


Our Culinary Arts students work with  experienced instructors as they hone their skills and prepare for a career in an exciting field.

We offer intensive and hands-on training to develop culinary arts, baking pastry and the food service industry.

Program Info

Culinary Management

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership-Advanced Diploma
We start you on your journey of owning or running your restaurant. Our industry-savvy instructors teach you about management, marketing, finances, technology, and legal issues.

By graduation, you should be ready to begin your journey with practiced cooking skills, as well as managerial and leadership skills.

Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Management-Diploma
We hone in your career goals and help you start a career in restaurant management or ownership.

Our instructors walk you through intensive training on communication, leadership, management, human resources, technology, accounting, marketing, and customer relations.

Food & Beverage Management –Diploma
Our diploma program can be the first important step to starting your career as a beverage/bar manager, banquet manager, wine/ coffee bar manager, food and beverage purchaser, or wine buyer.

Your confidence and skills will be ready to be tested in the workplace.