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Alumni Success

Freda Lin

The Art Institute of Vancouver

Employer: Cushman & Wakefield
Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer

"The instructors are all currently in the industry; their feedback is a great aid with regards to the current market.


The fashion industry requires the imagination to craft new ideas, the skills to make them a reality, and the willingness to keep evolving. We educate our students to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

It’s import to us that we cultivate our student’s creativity, while teaching the business end of the industry.  

Program Info

Fashion Design

Fashion Design & Merchandising-Diploma
This diploma program teaches you skills to bring your ideas to life in garments and accessories, while teaching you about the business side of the fashion industry.

We introduce you to the fundamentals of sewing, tailoring, flat pattern drafting, while giving you a solid foundation in the fundamentals of apparel engineering.

Fashion Design & Merchandising & Foundation for Design-Diploma
This diploma program focuses on hands-on training. You'll study the business behind fashion merchandising, as well as the elements of design.

We help you learn the process of garment construction — from initial concept to final product.