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Alumni Success

Freda Lin

The Art Institute of Vancouver

Employer: Cushman & Wakefield
Job Title: Senior Graphic Designer

"The instructors are all currently in the industry; their feedback is a great aid with regards to the current market.

visual creativity drives
the global economy

Our design programs are designed to give you the skills to craft creative solutions.

If you are interested in the areas of graphic arts or interior design, we help you learn the skills to complement your creativity. 

Program Info

Graphic Design

Graphic Design-Bachelor of Applied Design
This degree program is designed to prepare you for an exciting career working as a graphic designer, computer artist, or production artist.
We start by giving a strong basis in the fundamentals of typography, imagery, and layout. Our point of pride is training creative professionals who are able to craft sustainable and eco-conscious designs.
Advanced Graphic Design-Diploma
In earning your diploma, you will also have an oppertunity to acquire creative problem solving and design skills to start a rewarding career in visual communications. 
Our proffesional instructors use hands-on learning with industry-related technology and techniques to help you develop skills in the areas of typography, illustration, and advertising.
Graphic Design-Diploma
Our instructors blend traditional design with  professional-grade tools to cover typography, illustration, and advertising. We give you hands-on training on industry-relevant equipment to harness your craft. 
We  provide a well-rounded education, designed to equip you  with knowledge of the industry’s software, technology, and trends.
Graphic Design & Foundation for Design-Diploma
This diploma program teaches you the basics of design, typography, and colour theory. 

Our instructors give you the benefit of tapping into their knowledge and experience with graphic design trends and technology. You also cover topics like digital illustration, art direction, and advertising design.